About Me

I am a science fiction writer with a background in movie scripts. With over 20 years digital marketing experience I decided to fuse the two and create this agency. 

I’m John Young

There are a few things that I’m passionate about. I love politics, the gym, music, movies, and the New York Yankees. The most important things in my life are friends, family, and my pet pug, Elvis. 
I believe that a great story is part of the culture that makes the human existence so special. Great societies have revolved around a culture of art and science for generations. Stories can live on forever. I have a huge passion for getting stories out there for the world to enjoy.

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Science Fiction Novels

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“Carpe Diem. 99% of success is showing up. Great writers not only write every day but also know how to market themselves. Let me help..”

My Skills

I mainly focused on SEO or getting organic google search engine traffic for years. But let’s be honest Google and FaceBook aren’t multi-billion dollar corporations for no reason. They are in the business of selling advertising and that advertising works.

The math of being a self-published author is in your favor much more than trying to find a publisher who won’t care about you or bother investing in marketing. They will ask you to do regardless and then take most of your revenue. Successful authors market themselves and they need social media but most importantly they need super fans subscribed to their newsletter.

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I’m a sucker for a great newsletter with active subscribers. Newsletter swaps and superfans put the power back into the pen. You can publish your own words. Let me help you get started today.

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