When it comes to keyword research we are experts not only when it comes to on-page and off-page SEO of a website but then there is keyword research as it relates to a book, especially on Amazon. With Amazon, our opinion is that the category is as important if not more important.

The reason we suggest category is more important is that a book can be listed in up to 10 categories but the metadata you input keywords into on an amazon listing only allows for 7 keywords.

Here is a tool to determine what categories your competition is listed in on Amazon.


Full disclosure relating to keywords. The best way to determine keywords on a website is to run an AdWords campaign and test and track which keywords perform the best. Performance-based on click-thru rate, conversion rate and keyword density of listings is important. Adwords performance vary based on keywords and it should be used as a tool to create additional content.

The first step in keyword research is to look at the competitors. The great advantage a local business has over national brands like e-commerce sites is that there are 200 cities in the United States that offer the opportunity of competition research. We run similar business websites through SEMRUSH to determine which keywords they are ranking for. Then we look at testing those keywords in the metadata and in many cased build additional useful content on client’s sites.

For book-specific keyword research, the best tool is Publisher Rocket. This tool provides data on keyword search volume in Amazon as well as profitability of those keywords relating to book sales. These numbers are very different than google. Google looks at CPC (cost per click) a metric of how profitable that keyword is for google. In rocket, we look at how profitable a keyword might be to someone publishing a book. Keep in mind Amazon has the largest volume of search volume of people who intend to make a purchase.